Buying Real Estate in your IRA

How do I acquire real estate within my account?
Real Estate can be purchased directly by your account, transferred from existing IRA or rolled from a qualified plan, or it may be acquired by your account as a result of a foreclosure on a mortgage or deed of trust which is currently held within your account.

What type of property can I purchase with my account?
Vacant lots, raw land and Income-producing property such as rental houses, condominiums or commercial real estate.

Can my account invest in real estate though a Limited partnership or LLC?
Yes. If real estate’s is being acquired thought an entity such as an LP or LLC and your account will hold equity interest in the entity,

How is title held on property in an IRA or Qualified Plan?
Since your IRA or Qualified Plan is buying the property rather than you as an individual, the title must be held in the name of Trust Company, d.b.a S.T custodian FBO (“ accounts Holder’s Name”, Account#____) Therefore, the contract/purchase agreement, title commitment/insurance, deed, liability insurance, ect. Must be titled accordingly.