Are you hungry

Are you hungry

August 11, 2023

Here are some highly regarded restaurants in and around Lakewood Ranch, FL. Keep in mind that the restaurant scene can change, so it's a good idea to check recent reviews and ratings before making a decision.

  1. Sarasota Polo at Lakewood Ranch: This upscale restaurant offers a variety of dining experiences, from casual to elegant, while enjoying views of polo matches.

  2. The Grove: Known for its farm-to-table concept, The Grove offers a diverse menu with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. It's a popular spot for both lunch and dinner.

  3. Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant: While not Italian, Casa Maya offers delicious Mexican cuisine in a vibrant atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals.

  4. Main Street Trattoria: This Italian restaurant is known for its pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and cozy ambiance.

  5. Polo Grill and Bar: A fine dining restaurant offering a mix of American and international cuisines, along with a wide selection of wines.

  6. Seasons 52: While a chain restaurant, Seasons 52 is well-regarded for its fresh, seasonal, and health-conscious menu options.

  7. The Granary Café: A charming café known for its breakfast and lunch offerings, including sandwiches, salads, and baked goods.

  8. Station 400: A popular breakfast and lunch spot with a diverse menu and a focus on locally sourced ingredients.

  9. Ed's Tavern Lakewood Ranch: If you're looking for a laid-back atmosphere and pub-style food, Ed's Tavern is a local favorite.

  10. Culver's: Another non-Italian option, Culver's is known for its butterburgers, fresh custard, and casual dining.

Remember that restaurant popularity can change over time, and new establishments may have opened since my last update. It's always a good idea to read recent reviews and check with locals for the latest recommendations on the best restaurants in Lakewood Ranch Fl.