Countdown to College Before High School

August 27, 2013

Its a big day; first day of school for many kids in south Windsor and all around Connecticut. Today both my kids start school  one for the first time in the South Windsor Pop program as a mentor and the other as a first grader. Feel like yesterday I move to south Windsor and back to Connecticut when my daughter was only 10 months old. Now she’s off to school before you know it she will be getting ready for college. Don’t know what I worry more about getting ready to let  her go or getting ready to pay for it.


Countdown to College:

Most parents want to give their children the best opportunity for success, and getting into the right college may help open many doors. A recent study by Georgetown University found that 63% of marketable jobs in 2018 will require post-secondary education.1
Unfortunately, being accepted to the college of their choice may not be as easy as it once was. These days, preparing for college means setting goals, staying focused, and tackling a few key milestones along the way.

The road to college begins even before high school. Start by helping your elementary and middle school children develop a love for learning. Encourage good study habits and get them dreaming about college. A trip to a nearby university or your alma mater may help plant the seed in their minds. When your child reaches middle school, take the time to find out which prerequisite courses may set the right track for math and science in  high school.
The earlier you consider how you expect to pay for college costs the better. The average college graduate today owes $20,000 in debt, while the average salary for a recent graduate is $30,000.
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