Here's some information on this week's major U.S. economic and earnings reports and Fed speakers:

April 24, 2023

Here's some information on this week's major U.S. economic reports and Fed speakers:

This week, there are several important economic reports being released in the United States. On Tuesday, the Conference Board will release its Consumer Confidence Index for April, which measures consumers' attitudes and expectations about the economy. On Wednesday, the Bureau of Economic Analysis will release its first estimate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the first quarter of 2021, which is a key measure of economic growth. The GDP report will include information on consumer spending, business investment, and government spending.

On Thursday, the Department of Labor will release its weekly report on initial jobless claims, which provides information on the number of people who filed for unemployment benefits in the previous week. This report is closely watched as a measure of the health of the job market.

In addition to these economic reports, there are several Federal Reserve officials scheduled to speak this week. On Monday, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan will speak about the economy and monetary policy. On Tuesday, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari will discuss the economic outlook and the Fed's response to the pandemic. On Wednesday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell will hold a press conference to discuss the latest policy decisions of the Federal Open Market Committee, which sets monetary policy for the U.S. central bank.

Investors and analysts will be closely monitoring these economic reports and Fed speeches for clues about the state of the economy and the direction of monetary policy. These reports and speeches can have a significant impact on financial markets and investor sentiment.

Some of the top companies reporting earnings this week include Apple, Google-parent Alphabet, Amazon, and Facebook. These tech giants have been major drivers of the stock market in recent years and are expected to continue to perform well despite the pandemic. Investors will be closely watching their earnings reports for insights into the strength of the tech sector and the overall health of the economy. These companies' earnings reports can have a significant impact on stock prices, particularly in the tech-heavy Nasdaq index.

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