Hurricane Fun

Hurricane Fun

August 29, 2023

During a hurricane, staying safe and prepared is paramount. However, if you find yourself indoors with downtime, here are some fun and productive activities to consider:

  1. Board Games and Puzzles: Engage in classic board games or challenging puzzles to keep your mind active and entertained.

  2. Movie Marathon: Have a movie or TV show marathon with your favorite films or series, creating a cozy indoor theater experience.

  3. Reading Adventure: Escape into the pages of a captivating book, whether it's a novel, a non-fiction work, or a collection of short stories.

  4. Creative Crafting: Embrace your artistic side with crafts like painting, drawing, knitting, or DIY projects you've been meaning to try.

  5. Cooking or Baking: Experiment with new recipes using the ingredients you have on hand. Baking treats like cookies or muffins can be a delightful indoor activity.

  6. Online Learning: Take an online course to learn a new skill, language, or hobby, using the time to enrich your knowledge.

  7. Write and Reflect: Start a journal or blog to document your thoughts and experiences during the storm, or begin that novel you've always wanted to write.

  8. Indoor Exercise: Keep active with yoga, stretching routines, or even a mini workout to maintain physical well-being.

  9. Virtual Socializing: Connect with friends and family through video calls, playing online games together or simply catching up.

  10. Listen to Music or Podcasts: Create playlists of your favorite songs or delve into informative or entertaining podcasts.

  11. Meditation and Relaxation: Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques to find calm amid the storm's uncertainty.

  12. Home Spa Day: Treat yourself to a DIY spa experience with soothing baths, face masks, and relaxation techniques.

  13. Plan and Organize: Use the time to declutter and organize your living space, creating a more serene environment.

  14. Gardening Indoors: If you have houseplants, spend time nurturing them or consider propagating new ones.

  15. Online Shopping or Window Shopping: Browse online stores for items you might need or want, or create wish lists for future purchases.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority during a hurricane. Stay informed about the storm's progress, follow any evacuation orders, and have an emergency kit ready. These activities can help pass the time and keep your spirits up while ensuring you're prepared for any situation.

In the event of a hurricane in Lakewood Ranch or any other location, safety should be your primary concern. Hurricanes can bring strong winds, heavy rainfall, and potentially dangerous conditions. Here are some essential steps to take while staying at home in Lakewood Ranch during a hurricane:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep track of the hurricane's progress through reliable weather sources, local news, and official advisories. Stay aware of evacuation orders and updates from local authorities.

  2. Emergency Kit: Prepare an emergency kit with essential supplies such as non-perishable food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, important documents, and any necessary items for your pets.

  3. Secure Your Home: Before the storm arrives, secure outdoor furniture, plants, and any loose objects that could become projectiles in strong winds. Board up windows if necessary and reinforce doors.

  4. Stay Indoors: Once the storm begins, stay indoors in a safe and central location, away from windows. Avoid using candles for lighting; opt for flashlights instead to reduce fire risk.

  5. Stay Connected: Charge your cell phone and have a backup power source available. Stay connected with family and friends, especially if they are in the area.

  6. Entertainment and Distractions: Engage in the activities mentioned earlier to keep yourself occupied and ease any anxiety during the storm.

  7. Listen to Local Authorities: Tune in to emergency radio or news updates for the latest information and instructions from local officials.

  8. Water Safety: Avoid going outside, especially near floodwaters, as they can be deeper and swifter than they appear. Floodwaters may also contain hidden dangers.

  9. Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Ensure you have an adequate supply of drinking water and easy-to-eat non-perishable foods in case the power goes out.

  10. After the Storm: Once the hurricane has passed, remain cautious as hazards may still exist. Be careful of downed power lines, flooding, and debris.