IRA Roll Over when you retire let go or change companies.

IRA Roll Over when you retire let go or change companies.

November 25, 2020

What to do with your IRA Roll Over when you retire let go or change companies.


You’ve taken an important step in building for your future by contributing to your workplace savings plan.  But did you know that the money in your former employer’s savings plan can also play a big part in your retirement plan?


That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on these savings, especially in times of market volatility.  To help you decide what to do with savings left with a former employer, we’d like to offer you a complimentary consultation.


As part of your consultation, we will:


  • Take an in-depth look at your current situation and long-term goals
  • Help you understand the options for the money in your former employer’s plan
  • Review your investment mix based on your objectives, time frame, and tolerance for market fluctuation


One of the options we’ll discuss is moving the money from your former employer’s plan into a rollover IRA, where your retirement savings have the potential to grow tax deferred.  Consolidating into a single account can also make it easier to manage your retirement savings and give you access to a wide selection of investment options.

What are your options:

1. Leave the money in his/her former employer’s plan, if permitted 

2. Roll over the assets to his/her new employer’s plan, if one is available and rollovers are permitted

3. Roll over to an IRA 

4. Cash out the account value


Know that in the current market environment, Mundo Financial Services retains the strength and stability that you’ve come to expect from an trusted partner.  And you can depend on us to provide the service and support you need to feel confident about where you stand. Call 1-860-783-5553  today for your complimentary consultation.

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