June 05, 2023

Some people perceive the number "one" as a lonely figure, but I view it as a remarkably powerful number. Everything begins with one: one idea, one goal, one failure, or one accomplishment. Sometimes in life, we need to slow down and shrink things down to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the big picture.

Each of us should have one easily achievable goal and then gradually add more, building upon each success. This concept is similar to accumulating wealth for retirement. When individuals consider the total amount they need, emotions often take over and cause panic. However, by breaking it down into smaller increments—looking at it one month at a time or one year at a time—the investment of time becomes more manageable.

Life is like a puzzle need to start it ONE piece at a time!

Life can be likened to a puzzle that needs to be pieced together one fragment at a time. Just as in a puzzle, where you start by finding and placing one piece, life unfolds gradually as we tackle one task, one challenge, or one opportunity at a time. It is by focusing on each individual piece that we eventually construct the bigger picture of our lives.

By taking things one piece at a time, we can avoid feeling overwhelmed and maintain a sense of clarity and purpose. Each step we take brings us closer to completing the puzzle and achieving our goals. So, embrace the journey of life, appreciating the importance of starting with that one piece and steadily building upon it.

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